Originally published in 1890, these selections from Elizabeth Prentiss’ private papers represent the cream of her thoughts and relationship with the Lord. While simply a collection of quotes and poetry, the depth and insight of these quotations make this book a treasure.

There is certainly enough in our Saviour, if we only open our eyes
that we may see it, to solve every doubt and satisfy every longing of the
heart; and He is willing to give it in full measure.

-Elizabeth Prentiss in Thoughts Concerning The King.

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Thoughts Concerning the King is a collection of sentences, paragraphs, and poems excerpted from the books and letters of Elizabeth Prentiss, best know as the author of Stepping Heavenward. The first part of the book focuses on the knowledge and love of Jesus, the second, on suffering. Included in this ebook is a short biography of the author to help the reader understand the context of her writings. Although many of these excerpts are contained in her other published books, I have found that this particular collection showcases some of the best of her thoughts in a way that is easily meditated on and understood. This new ebook (PDF) edition follows the original format and layout as closely as possible. Editing of the original text has been limited to correcting obvious typographical errors.

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